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The Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association is Indiana's only statewide association dedicated to the bed and breakfast industry. The IIndiana Bed and Breakfast Association is a not-for-profit organization who's Board of Directors are member-volunteers who donate their time to provide continuous member support. The Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association is proud to offer a membership program designed to meet the needs of Indiana's future innkeepers.

An Associate Membership in the Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association can be one of the smartest investments you make this year!

Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association welcomes Associate Memberships and offers this non-voting membership to: Individuals who aspire to participate in the B & B industry as an owner or manager but currently do not own or operate a B & B in Indiana.

Indiana Bed and Breakfast Associate Membership benefits include:

  • The opportunity to network with established Innkeepers
  • The opportunity to establish contacts within and pertinent to the B & B Industry
  • The opportunity to attend regional meetings and Board of Director's meetings
  • The opportunity to serve on a committee (associate members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or hold any office)
  • Notification of conferences and reduced conference fees
  • Information on B & B related services and products and access to all IBBA Vendor/Supplier Members and benefits offered
  • One-year free subscription to quarterly newsletter "INN BETWEEN GUESTS"

Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Associate Membership commences on the date the application and payment of $50.00 are received and continues for one year or upon opening an inn within that year

Eligibility: Those person(s) who do not currently own or operate an inn, yet are engaged in the process of determining whether they wish to construct, purchase, or manage an inn or B & B. Aspiring Innkeeper Membership terminates upon opening an inn and member must immediately apply for inspection and active membership and pay dues accordingly.

What you REALLY need to know at an affordable price.

"I have a dream and if I build it they will come"
To succeed you need to plan to meet the needs of the market and the best time to do that is before you are financially and emotionally committed. IBBA's Aspiring Innkeeper Information Package can help you with the business and regulatory ramifications, and it will give you the contact information to find your way around the agencies that can help or hinder you. Don't be disappointed with your dream; send for your packet now.

Innkeeper Packet: Only $75.00 for non - Indiana Bed and Breakfast members (with a $25.00 coupon included to go towards your Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Associate membership - expires in sixty days).

Only $50.00 for current Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association members (or those who become Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Associate Members with this order. Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Associate membership is $50 for a total of $100.00)

Now Available! It is highly recommended that an aspiring innkeeper start with purchasing the Aspiring/Associate Member Packet from the Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association.


  1. History of Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association
  2. List of Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Officers and Region Representatives
  3. List of Counties by Regions + Region Map
  4. Standard/Quality Review Program
  5. Membership Application Form
  6. Membership Benefits Brochure
  7. Copy of Indiana ed and Breakfast Association Newsletter
  8. Copy of Current Printed Directory
  9. List of Inns for Sale
  10. Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association Notebook which includes:
    1. Indiana General Assembly Rule - Definition of B & B
    2. State Health Regulations - Indiana Rule 410 IAC 7-15.5
    3. Hot Tub Regulations
    4. Swimming Pool / Spa Regulations
    5. American Disabilities Act
    6. Insurance
    7. State Sales Tax Information and Application Form
    8. Fictitious Name: Data and application from the Indiana Secretary of State's Office (so you can comply) Doing Business in Indiana + Location of recorders offices
    9. Entity Tax Elections
    10. Chart of Accounts - Bookkeeping - Bed and Breakfast and Country Innkeepers are encouraged to set up their accounts as listed in order to establish a consistent standard of comparison
    11. Small Business Development Center Network
    12. Indiana Office of Tourism
    13. Indiana Convention/Visitor Bureaus & Chambers of Commerce (by region)
    14. Historic Preservation: Contacts at the Historic Landmarks Foundation so you can learn what assistance is available in restoring your historic home
    15. House Rules
    16. Staffing
    17. Internet & Marketing
    18. Reference Materials