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The Indiana Bed and Breakfast “Proud to be Green” is a “green” self-certification program to recognize member inns who are making a commitment to be good environmental stewards.


Inns participating in the “Proud to be Green Program” are making a conscious effort to decrease their carbon footprint and operate their businesses in a socially responsible manner.


Participating inns realize that being environmental and socially responsible, is the right thing to do, good for the environment and good for their community. Our members seek to advance their environmental goals and achievements.


Under this program Bed and Breakfasts are awarded up to four Green Leaves and one additional green plus symbol (+) indicates the innkeeper will maintain records of utility usage to monitor changes in their operations to help reduce usage. Four green leaves and a green A+ represent the highest level of green achievement. To view levels of achievement click here. 


Listed below are the Inns with the number of green leaves signifying their level of achievement.


Fruit Basket Inn, The - North Manchester, Indiana

As recycling and "green" housekeeping are beneficial for both guests and the inn, we provide guests with dispensers of Gilchrist & Somes bath products, energy efficient lighting, and recycling of paper & plastic disposables.



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Burke Place Bed And Breakfast - Marion, Indiana

We at Burke Place Bed and Breakfast are proud to be a part of the Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association’s “Green Certification” program.  We discovered when we began our certification checklist how “green” and conservation aware we already were.  The “Green Certification Checklist” allowed us the opportunity to look at how we are operating and just what we are already doing to be environmentally aware.

We use fluorescent bulbs in many of our light fixtures.  We also ask our guests to help with our energy awareness by turning-off bath and bedroom lights when leaving their rooms.  Several of our exterior lights are on timers or motion sensors for energy conservation as well as our guest’s security.

We participate in our community’s curbside recycling program by using recycling bins. We ask our guests to help with our recycling by placing empty aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, newspapers, magazines, or book materials in our inside recycling bin.

We use “green certified” cleaning products where practical.  Some areas require that we use sanitizing cleaning products for our guest’s safety. We allow guests to re-use towels and wash clothes if they desire.  For those who would prefer fresh bath linens on a daily basis, we comply.  For guests who stay with us several consecutive days, we change their bed linens every third day of their stay.  We use cloth napkins at the table to avoid the constant disposal of paper napkins. 

Our toilets are all water-saver toilets.  We installed high efficiency water heaters with extra insulation to conserve energy and a high efficiency gas furnace which heats the water for our whole-house hot water heating system.  Digital thermostats allow for programming and efficient control of the heating and aid conditioning systems. We use low flow shower heads in the bathrooms. And, we provide a bulk hot and cold water dispenser which eliminates the constant use and disposal of plastic water bottles.

On the outside, we compost most yard waste as well as some food wastes.  Since we are located in the city, we have to be somewhat careful what materials are composted because of animals and strong offensive odors.  We try to organize our shopping trips and errands so as to be time and fuel efficient.

 We are always on the look-out for ways to become more energy efficient and aware of our environment’s survival needs

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